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FIFA 18 download torrent

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FIFA 18 download torrent

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FIFA 18 + Update 2

Date of broadcast: September 29, 2017

Genre / Tags: Sport, Football, Third, 3D

Developer: EA Canada

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Platform: PC

Engine: Frostbite

Interface language: English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), German, French, Italian, Czech, Danish, Dutch,Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic

Audio language: English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Arabic-The story mode is not maintained for all languages

Crack:built-in (STEAMPUNKS)

Minimum requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 – 64-Bit

Processor: Intel i3 6300T / Intel i3 4340 / Intel i3 4350


Video Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / Radeon RX 460

DirectKs: 11

HDD Space: up to 46 GB

Be careful! The minimum size of packing is GB (with DutchVoiceover) or GB (with English voice), read the repack function for details.

Screenshots – click to enlarge If you want to see the screen you do not see – disable the ad block


Powered by Frostbite, FIFA 18 launches a line between virtual worlds and real worlds,bringing players, teams and the environment of Warlords. Go to Real Plaier Plaier Technologie – a new animation system that displays a new level of responsiveness and personality – to unlock the dramatic moments of the world’s greatest atmosphere. Then go on a global journey like Alek Huntercasino actors, including Cristiano Ronaldo and other European football stars.

Original characteristic

Based on ISO releases: (33,100,791,808 bytes) Lack of the language file from the Add-on (GB). Japan is not included because it can not play with any release of 2 (GB) cracks and new cracksfrom STEAMPUNKS; I put a STP crack in the language that supports 100% MD5 Perfect Lossless: all files are the same as the original after installation (will not count on the output test). Data update included. When in game play, go to Fik Skuads Load Profile, then saveprofile. If you want to start with the Change Career team, make sure to select the Current team team Last confirmed removed, NOT repeatedly encoded download options Features: You can skip the download and install the preview files without having to archive the sizeconsiderably less (compressed to gain in GB, depending on the selected part) The installation lasts: ~ clock on the 8-core CPU; ~ clock on a 4-core CPU; ~ 2-Core CPU timer After installing integrity to make sure all HDD slots are installed correctly after installation: up to 46 GB You canchange the GUI language of the game at each startup; test language can be changed later in the game based on LANGPAK that you installed to enable languages ​​Russian, Spanish (Latin American), Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilianat Arabic uses the DLL-related _User Enabler directory inthe root of the video games and audio of these settings can be changed via Config, set to a desktop of at least 2 GBRAM for free (virtual fake) you need to install rePack PC using ZTool libraries from Razor12911 rePack by FitGirl

how to avoid an accident in Chapter 5 of the trip

Thisis the official error of the game EA set on recent patches, but there is a solution. If you continue to have difficulty with Chapter 5 and play the game NOT IN English, run again and select English first, then change the comments / subtitles in English as well as the settingsgames. After an accident, you can change the language

If you see it, the black screen or game stops for a few seconds

Run Windows Update and install any missing updates.

Download selectively

You can skip the burden of the comments package that you do not need.Here is a list of selected files. Please note that the Travel Dubbing Mode is not available for all languages ​​and it is recommended that you install English audio with your preferred language

For example, if you want to start the game, including the German / Lingual subtitle / voice of the German – overwritesall selected files, but retrieves all main files (01-06).

Installation problems?

Read the troubleshooting guide to troubleshoot this problem


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